Raspberry PI industrial automation controller

Thanks to expansion HAT small and cheap Raspberry Pi Zero or 2-4 can be used as industrial automation controller

First of all the power, HAT that will deliver 5V to raspberry pi and other extensions, in this case PowerPi that can deliver up to 3A of current from source 8-24V

Secound we need something to recieve information in analog and digital form from the world, in that case we use two extensions the DigitalPi and AnalogPi, both are 5V tolerand, the first digital in/out and secound analog input. ADC is MCP3008 but MCP3208 can be used

And something diferent to control power hungry devices such as high power relays, valves or motors, in this case I use MosfetPi for Raspberry PI 2-4 with 8 output channels with IRF540N high power mosfet