Raspberry PI Power HAT

What is it?

Power HAT for Raspberry PI, can deliver up to 3A of power from DC source 8-30V Board is fully assembled and ready to use

Why did you make it?

USB-micro is so fragile and unreliable. So I created this

What makes it special?

It’s cheap simple and durable, has one controllable led and one button

Technical specs:

  • input power supply: DC8-30V
  • power delivery up to 3A
  • dimensions: 97x56x22mm
  • frame for mounting: DIN TS35 rail
  • protection: each board is protected by PVE lacquer
  • one LED controllable by Raspberry PI
  • one button


Raspberry PI Input/Output HAT

What is it?

Input/output HAT for Raspberry PI. The NO relay output can switch on and off AC/DC circuits. The input can detect state of switch or relay connected between PLUS (+) terminal and INPUT terminal

Can be delivered with or without soldered gold-pins connector, one 20 pin female connector is included and one 2 pin, one 20-pin male connector

Why did you make it?

To receive signals from or control elements of environment, for example to receive signal from ordinary motion sensor and be able to turn on alarm siren and make from Raspberry PI simple alarm

What makes it special?

It’s cheap simple and durable

Technical specs:

  • output relay: NO 10A 250VAC/10A 30VDC
  • input: 500mA 40V
  • dimensions: 97x56x22mm
  • frame for mounting: DIN TS35 rail
  • protection: each board is protected by PVE lacquer


Water tank fluid level monitoring

Installation to monitor and notify level of water in large tank

Everything is based on industrial components except the Raspberry PI which is the brain of this installation, and JAVA application which makes all the magic

Raspberry PI is powered by buck converter, soldered by wires to control pads on Raspberry board, micro USB connection is so unreliable, Pi and converter are on the same board attachable to TS35 rail, to communicate Pi is using GSM modem attached to GPIO header, modem is based on SIM868 module

To measure water level I’m using hydrostatic probe and network attached converter 4 – 20 mA signals

Readings are visualized on publicly available internet site, off cours password protected, in the same manner installation can be controlled. If alarm levels are reached device will send SMS to programed recipients

Network automation controller

Network automation controller with one 250V 5A relay output and two digital inputs detecting the change of short-circuit to power supply, optionly can be supplied with headers for 3 digital input\output and UART, I2C, 5V, 3V3.

In „two” simple words small device that give you ability to control or recieve signal from real world, over the network by your app using simple URL addresses

Technical specs:

  • power supply: DC12V 155mA ~ 1W
  • relay output: NO 250VAC 5A / 30VDC 5A
  • analog inputs: 2x monitoring state of the switch, contactor, relay, 12V 1.5A
  • LAN standard: 10Mb/s FD
  • dimensions: 79x77x19mm
  • frame for mounting: DIN TS35 rail
  • MCU: Atmega 328PU
  • protection: each board is protected by PVE lacquer
  • can be mounted in blocks on TS35 rail

What can we do

In a few simple words, our possibilities are limited only by the imagination of our clients.

We offer assistance in designing any artistic or functional object using FDM 3D printing technology.

You only need to visualize your project or customize it to the requirements of 3D printing, we are happy to provide knowledge and your devices.

What we offer:

  • Preparation of a 3D project and printing on a FDM 3D printer
  • 3D printout from given project, eg:. Printout will be adapted to the needs of whether to be an artistic print while maintaining the quality of finishing or functional while maintaining strength in the direction of the forces

Some examples

Functional parts