Raspberry PI Input/Output HAT

What is it?

Input/output HAT for Raspberry PI. The NO relay output can switch on and off AC/DC circuits. The input can detect state of switch or relay connected between PLUS (+) terminal and INPUT terminal

Can be delivered with or without soldered gold-pins connector, one 20 pin female connector is included and one 2 pin, one 20-pin male connector

Why did you make it?

To receive signals from or control elements of environment, for example to receive signal from ordinary motion sensor and be able to turn on alarm siren and make from Raspberry PI simple alarm

What makes it special?

It’s cheap simple and durable

Technical specs:

  • output relay: NO 10A 250VAC/10A 30VDC
  • input: 500mA 40V
  • dimensions: 97x56x22mm
  • frame for mounting: DIN TS35 rail
  • protection: each board is protected by PVE lacquer